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review pronunciación
1 an act of examining, reviewing or revising, or the state of being examined, reviewed or revised.
2 a general survey of a particular subject, situation, etc.
3 a survey of the past and past events the newspaper's annual review of the year .
4 a critical report, especially one that is published in a newspaper or periodical, usually on a recent book, play, film, etc.
5 a magazine or newspaper, or a section of one, which contains mainly reviews of books, etc and other feature articles.
6 a second or additional study or consideration of certain facts, events, etc; a re-examination.
7 mil a formal or official inspection of troops, ships, etc.
8 law a re-examination of a case, especially by a superior court.
1 to see or view something again.
2 to examine or go over something, especially critically or formally.
3 to look back on and examine (events in the past).
4 intr to write reviews, especially professionally.
5 to write, especially professionally, a critical report on (a book, play, film, etc).
6 mil to inspect (troops, ships, etc), especially formally or officially.
7 law to re-examine (a case).
[16c: from French revue ]
reviewable adjective .
reviewal noun .
in or under review undergoing consideration, negotiation, etc.

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