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reserve pronunciación
verb (reserved , reserving ) (abbreviation res.)
1 to keep something back or set it aside for future use, for the use of a particular person, or for some particular purpose.
2 to keep or retain something for oneself.
3 to book or order (eg a hotel room, a table in a restaurant, etc) in advance.
4 (esp reserve judgement) to delay or postpone (a legal judgement, taking a decision, etc).
1 something kept back or set aside, epecially for future use or possible need.
2 the state or condition of being reserved or an act of reserving.
3 a an area of land set aside for a particular purpose, especially for the protection of wildlife a nature reserve ;
b an area of land set aside for occupation by a particular people; a reservation.
4 Aust, NZ a public park.
5 coolness, distance or restraint of manner; diffidence or reticence.
6 sport
a an extra player or participant who can take another's place if needed; a substitute;
b (usu the reserves) the second or reserve team playing for the reserves .
7 (also reserves) mil
a part of an army or force kept out of immediate action to provide reinforcements when needed;
b forces in addition to a nation's regular armed services, not usually in service but that may be called upon if necessary;
c a member of such a force; a reservist.
8 (often reserves) finance a company's money or assets, or a country's gold and foreign currency, held at a bank to meet future liabilities.
9 (usu reserves) a supply of eg oil, gas, coal, etc, known to be present in a particular region and as yet unexploited.
10 (usu reserves) extra physical or mental power, energies, stamina, etc that can be drawn upon in a difficult or extreme situation reserves of strength .
11 a reserve price.
as adjective a reserve supply .
[14c: from French réserver , from Latin reservare to keep something back]
without reserve fully, or without reservations or restrictions; frankly.

reserve bank
1 any of the US Federal Reserve banks.
2 esp Aust & NZ a central bank that holds currency reserves for other banks.

reserve currency
noun a foreign currency acceptable in international transactions and held in reserve by central banks.

reserve price
noun the lowest price that the owner of something which is being sold by auction is prepared to accept.

reserved pronunciación
1 kept back, set aside or destined for a particular use or for a particular person.
2 said of a hotel room, a table in a restaurant, etc: booked or ordered in advance.
3 said of a person or their manner: cool, distant or restrained; diffident or reticent.
[16c: from reserve]
reservedly adverb .
reservedness noun .

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