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represent pronunciación
verb (represented , representing )
a to serve as a symbol or sign for something letters represent sounds ;
b to stand for something or correspond to it A thesis represents years of hard work .
2 to speak or act on behalf of (someone else).
3 a to be a good example of something;
b to typify something What he said represents the feelings of many people .
4 to present an image of or portray someone or something, especially through painting or sculpture.
5 to bring someone or something clearly to mind a film that represents all the horrors of war .
6 to describe in a specified way; to attribute a specified character or quality to (someone, something, oneself, etc) represented themselves as experts .
7 to show, state or explain represent the difficulties forcibly to the committee .
8 to be an elected member of Parliament for (a constituency).
9 to act out or play the part of someone or something on stage.
[14c: from Latin repraesentare to exhibit, from praesentare to present]
representability noun .
representable adjective .

representation pronunciación
1 the act or process of representing, or the state or fact of being represented.
2 a person or thing that represents someone or something else.
3 a an image;
b a picture or painting.
4 a dramatic performance.
5 a body of representatives.
6 (often representations) a strong statement made to present facts, opinions, complaints or demands.
representational adjective said especially of art: depicting objects in a realistic rather than an abstract form.
representationalism or representationism noun
1 representational art.
2 philos the doctrine that, in the perception of the external world, the immediate object represents another object beyond the sphere of consciousness.
representationist noun .

representative pronunciación
1 representing.
2 a standing as a good example of something;
b typical.
3 standing or acting as a deputy for someone.
4 said of government: comprising elected people.
a someone who represents someone or something else, especially someone who represents, or sells the goods of, a business or company;
b someone who acts as someone's agent or who speaks on their behalf.
2 someone who represents a constituency in Parliament.
3 a typical example.
representatively adverb .
representativeness noun .

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