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remove pronunciación
1 to move someone or something to a different place.
2 to take off (a piece of clothing).
3 to get rid of someone or something.
4 to dismiss someone from a job, position, etc.
5 intr , formal
a to change one's position, place, location, etc;
b to move to a new house.
1 a removal.
2 the degree, usually specified, of difference separating two things a form of government at only one remove from tyranny .
3 Brit in some schools: an intermediate form or class.
[14c: from French remouvoir ]
removability noun .
removable adjective .
removal noun
1 the act or process of removing or state of being removed.
2 the moving of possessions, furniture, etc to a new house.
as adjective removal van .
removed adjective
1 separated, distant or remote.
2 usually said of cousins: separated by a specified number of generations or degrees of descent first cousin once removed .
remover noun
1 someone or something that removes.
2 someone whose job is to move possessions, furniture, etc from one house to another.

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