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reference pronunciación
1 (usu reference to something) a mention of it; an allusion to it.
2 a direction in a book to another passage or another book where information can be found.
3 a book or passage referred to.
4 the act of referring to a book or passage for information.
5 a a written report on a person's character, talents and abilities, especially one describing their aptitude for a particular job;
b a person referred to for such a report.
6 a the providing of facts and information;
b a source of facts or information.
7 the directing of a person, question, etc to some authority for information, a decision, etc.
8 relation, correspondence or connection with reference to your last letter .
9 a standard for measuring or judging a point of reference .
10 law the act of submitting a dispute for investigation or decision.
as adjective a reference library .
verb (referenced , referencing )
1 to make a reference to something.
2 to provide (a book, etc) with references to other sources.
referential adjective
1 containing a reference.
2 having reference to something.
3 used for reference.
referentially adverb .
terms of reference
1 a guiding statement that defines the scope and limits of an investigation, etc.
2 the scope itself.

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