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push pronunciación
verb (pushes , pushed , pushing )
1 (often push against, at or on something) to exert pressure to force it away from one; to press, thrust or shove it.
2 to hold (eg a wheelchair, trolley, pram, etc) and move it forward in front of one.
3 tr & intr (often push through, in or past, etc ) to force one's way, thrusting aside people or obstacles.
4 intr to progress especially laboriously.
5 to force in a specified direction push up prices .
6 (often push someone into something) to coax, urge, persuade or goad them to do it pushed me into agreeing .
7 to pressurize someone (or oneself) into working harder, achieving more, etc.
8 (usu push for something) to recommend it strongly; to campaign or press for it.
9 to promote (products) or urge (acceptance of ideas).
10 to sell (drugs) illegally.
noun (pushes )
1 an act of pushing; a thrust or shove.
2 a burst of effort towards achieving something.
3 determination, aggression or drive.
[13c: from French pousser , from Latin pulsare , from pellere , pulsum ]
at a push colloq if forced; at a pinch.
be pushed for something colloq to be short of (eg time or money).
be pushing colloq to be nearly (a specified age) She is pushing 30 .
get the push colloq to be dismissed from a job, etc; to be rejected by someone.
give someone the push to dismiss or reject them.
push someone around or about colloq
1 to bully them; to treat them roughly.
2 to dictate to them; to order them about.
push off or along colloq to go away.
push on to continue on one's way or with a task, etc.
push something through to force acceptance of (a proposal or bill, etc) by a legislative body, etc.

También tienes: pus
push button
noun a button pressed to operate a machine, etc.
as adjective (push-button) a push-button phone .

verb to roll (a vehicle) with its handbrake off and gear engaged until the engine begins to turn.
noun an instance or the process of doing this.

noun , colloq a bicycle propelled by pedals alone.

noun a small folding wheeled chair for conveying a toddler.

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