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pure pronunciación
1 consisting of itself only; unmixed with anything else.
2 unpolluted; uncontaminated; wholesome.
3 virtuous; chaste; free from sin or guilt.
4 utter; sheer pure lunacy .
5 said of mathematics or science: dealing with theory and abstractions rather than practical applications.
6 of unmixed blood or descent pure Manx stock .
7 said of sound, eg a sung note: clear, unwavering and exactly in tune.
8 absolutely true to type or style.
9 said of speech or language: free of imported, intrusive or debased elements.
10 non-technical said of a vowel: simple in sound quality, like the o in box , eg as distinct from a diphthong like the oy in boy .
[13c: from French pur , from Latin purus clean]
pureness noun . See also purity.
pure and simple nothing but; without anything else jealousy pure and simple .

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