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prune pronunciación 1
verb (pruned , pruning )
1 to cut off (branches, etc) from (a tree or shrub) in order to stimulate its growth, improve the production of fruit or flowers, etc.
2 to cut out (superfluous matter) from (a piece of writing, etc); to trim or edit.
3 to cut back on (expenses, etc).
noun an act of pruning.
[15c: from French proignier , from provigner to prune vines]
pruner noun .

prune pronunciación 2
1 a plum that has been preserved by drying, which gives it a black wrinkled appearance.
2 colloq a silly foolish person.
[14c: French, from Latin prunum plum]

noun a strong silk or woollen material, formerly used for academic and clerical gowns and women's shoes.

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