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No se ha encontrado la palabra exacta. Esto es lo más aproximado:

protection pronunciación
1 the action of protecting or condition of being protected; shelter, refuge, cover, safety or care.
2 something that protects.
3 (also protectionism) the system of protecting home industries against foreign competition by taxing imports.
4 colloq
a the criminal practice of extorting money from shop-owners, etc in return for leaving their premises unharmed;
b (also protection money) the money extorted in this way.
5 insurance cover.
protectionist noun .

protective pronunciación
1 giving or designed to give protection protective clothing .
2 inclined or tending to protect.
1 something which protects.
2 a condom.
protectively adverb .
protectiveness noun .

protective custody
noun the detention of someone for their own safety, eg if they are the subject of a death threat.

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