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prop pronunciación 1
1 a rigid support, especially a vertical one, of any of various kinds a clothes prop .
2 a person or thing that one depends on for help or emotional support.
3 (also prop forward) rugby
a the position at either end of the front row of the scrum;
b a player in this position.
verb (propped , propping )
1 (often prop something up) to support or hold it upright with, or as if with, a prop.
2 (usu prop against something) to lean against it; to put something against something else.
3 to serve as a prop to something.

prop pronunciación 2
noun , colloq (in full property) theat a portable object or piece of furniture used on stage during a performance.

prop pronunciación 3
noun , colloq a propeller.
[Early 20c]

prop forward see under prop1

1 proper.
2 properly.
3 property.
4 proposition.
5 proprietor.

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