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project pronunciación
1 a plan, scheme or proposal.
2 an enterprise or undertaking.
3 a research or study assignment.
verb (projected , projecting )
1 intr to jut out; to protrude.
2 to throw something forwards; to propel.
3 to throw (a shadow, image, etc) onto a surface, screen, etc.
4 to propose or plan.
5 to forecast something from present trends and other known data; to extrapolate.
6 to imagine (oneself) in another situation, especially a future one.
7 to ascribe (feelings of one's own) to other people.
8 to cause (a sound, especially the voice) to be heard clearly at some distance.
9 intr , colloq to make good contact with an audience through the strength of one's personality.
[17c: from Latin projicere , projectum to throw forward]

projectile pronunciación
noun an object designed to be projected by an external force, eg a guided missile, bullet, etc.
1 capable of being, or designed to be, hurled.
2 projecting.
[17c: from Latin projectilis ; see project]

projection pronunciación
1 the act of projecting or process of being projected.
2 something that protrudes from a surface.
3 the process of showing a film or transparencies on a screen.
4 a forecast based on present trends and other known data.
5 maths especially on maps: the representation of a solid object, especially part of the Earth's sphere, on a flat surface.
6 psychol the reading of one's own emotions and experiences into a particular situation.
7 psychol the process whereby a person unconsciously attributes their own attitudes or feelings to others.

noun someone who operates a projector, especially in a cinema.

projector pronunciación
noun an instrument containing a system of lenses that projects an enlarged version of an illuminated still or moving image onto a screen.

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