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No se ha encontrado la palabra exacta. Esto es lo más aproximado:

1 a general truth or assumption from which to argue.
2 a scientific law, especially one that explains a natural phenomenon or the way a machine works.
3 a general rule of morality that guides conduct; the having of or holding to such rules a woman of principle .
4 (principles) a set of such rules.
5 technical a norm of procedure the principle of primogeniture .
6 a fundamental element or source the vital principle .
7 chem a constituent of a substance that gives it its distinctive characteristics.
[14c: from Latin principium beginning or source]
in principle said especially of agreement or disagreement to a plan, decision or action: in theory; in general, although not necessarily in a particular case We approved the scheme in principle, subject to certain adjustments .
on principle on the grounds of a particular principle of morality or wisdom.

adjective holding, or proceeding from principles, especially high moral principles.

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