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preparation pronunciación
1 the process of preparing or being prepared.
2 (usu preparations) something done by way of preparing or getting ready.
3 Brit, chiefly in public schools: school work done out of school hours, either in school or as homework. Often shortened to prep.
4 a medicine, cosmetic or other such prepared substance.

preparatory pronunciación
1 serving to prepare for something.
2 introductory; preliminary.
preparatory to something before it; in preparation for it.

preparatory school
1 in the UK: a private school for children aged between seven and thirteen, usually preparing them for public school.
2 in the US: a private secondary school, preparing pupils for college. Often shortened to prep school.

prepare pronunciación
verb (prepared , preparing )
1 tr & intr to make or get ready.
2 to make (a meal).
3 to clean or chop (vegetables or fruit).
4 to get someone or oneself into a fit state to receive a shock, surprise, etc We prepared ourselves for bad news .
5 intr to brace oneself (to do something) prepare to jump .
[15c: from Latin praeparare , from prae- before + parare to make ready]

prepared pronunciación
1 (usu be prepared to do something) said of a person: to be willing and able I'm not prepared to lend any more .
2 (usu prepared for something) expecting it or ready for it We were prepared for the worst .
preparedness noun a state of readiness.

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