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positive pronunciación
1 sure; certain; convinced.
2 definite; allowing no doubt positive proof of her guilt .
3 expressing agreement or approval a positive response .
4 optimistic feeling more positive .
5 forceful or determined; not tentative.
6 constructive; contributing to progress or improvement; helpful.
7 clear and explicit positive directions .
8 colloq downright a positive scandal .
9 said of the result of a chemical test: confirming the existence of the suspected condition.
10 maths said of a number or quantity: greater than zero.
11 physics , elec having a deficiency of electrons, and so being able to attract them, ie attracted by a negative charge.
12 photog said of a photographic image: in which light and dark tones and colours correspond to those in the original subject.
13 grammar expressing a quality in the simple form, as distinct from the comparative or superlative forms. Compare negative.
1 a positive thing, aspect or quality.
2 a positive quantity.
3 grammar an adjective or adverb in the positive form.
4 a positive photographic image.
[14c: from French positif , positive , or Latin positivus , from ponere to place]

positive discrimination
noun the creation of special employment opportunities, etc for those groups or members of society previously disadvantaged or discriminated against.

positive feedback
noun , engineering , biol a form of feedback in which the output of a system is used to increase the input.

positive heliotropism see under heliotropism

positive hydrotropism see under hydrotropism

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