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verb (performed , performing )
1 to carry out (a task, job, action, etc); to do or accomplish.
2 to fulfil (a function) or provide (a service, etc).
3 tr & intr to act, sing, play, dance, etc (a play, song, piece of music, dance, etc) to entertain an audience.
4 intr said eg of an engine: to function.
5 intr to conduct oneself, especially when presenting oneself for assessment performs well in interviews .
6 intr said of commercial products, shares, currencies, etc: to fare in competition.
[14c: from French parfournir ]
performable adjective .
performer noun .

performance pronunciación
a the performing of a play, part, dance, piece of music, etc before an audience;
b a dramatic or artistic presentation or entertainment.
2 the act or process of performing a task, etc.
3 a level of achievement, success or, in commerce, profitability.
4 manner or efficiency of functioning.
5 derog an instance of outrageous behaviour, especially in public.

performance art
noun a presentation in which several art forms are combined, such as acting, music, sculpture, photography, etc.
performance artist noun .

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