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penetrate pronunciación
verb (penetrated , penetrating )
1 (also penetrate into something) to find a way into it; to enter it, especially with difficulty.
2 to gain access into and influence within (a country, organization, market, etc) for political, financial, etc purposes.
3 to find a way through something; to pierce or permeate penetrate enemy lines penetrated the silence .
4 intr to be understood The news didn't penetrate at first .
5 to see through (a disguise).
6 to fathom, solve, or understand (a mystery).
7 said of a man: to insert his penis into the vagina of (a woman) or anus of (a man or a woman).
[16c: from Latin penetrare to penetrate]
penetrability noun .
penetrable adjective .
penetrably adverb .
penetrator noun .

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