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adjective outmoded; old-fashioned; having faded out of popularity.
[18c: French, meaning -passed-]

1 a means of passing anywhere, especially a master key.
2 a card or something similar cut as a mount for a picture.
3 a kind of simple picture frame, usually of pasteboard, the picture being fixed by strips pasted over the edges.
[17c: French, meaning -a master key-, from passer to pass + partout everywhere]

1 a traveller in a vehicle, boat, aeroplane, etc driven, sailed or piloted by someone else.
2 derog someone not doing their share of the work in a joint project, etc.
adjective relating to, or for, passengers passenger train .
[14c: from French passagier , from passage , with inserted n as in messenger]

noun (passers-by ) someone who is walking past a house, shop, incident, etc.

passerine ornithol
adjective belonging or relating to the largest order of birds, characterized by a perching habit and the possession of four toes, and which includes the songbirds.
noun any bird belonging to this order.
[18c: from Latin passer sparrow]

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