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1 specific; single; individually known or referred to She liked that particular design .
2 especial; exceptional took particular care .
3 difficult to satisfy; fastidious; exacting He's very particular about the washing-up .
4 exact; detailed.
1 a detail.
2 (particulars) personal details, eg name, date of birth, etc took down her particulars .
[14c: from Latin particularis , from particula , diminutive of pars part]
particularness noun .
in particular particularly; especially; specifically; in detail.

particular intention see under intention

1 attention to one's own group, class, sect, etc.
2 attention to the interests of a federal state before that of the confederation.
3 theol the doctrine that salvation is offered only to particular individuals, the elect, and not to everyone.

particularity pronunciación
1 the quality of being particular.
2 minuteness of detail.
3 (often particularities) a single instance or case; a detail the particularities of the case .

particularize pronunciación or particularise
verb (particularized , particularizing )
1 to specify individually.
2 to give specific examples of something.
3 intr to go into detail.
[16c: from French particulariser ]
particularization noun .

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