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1 above and across.
2 outwards and downwards knock him over The kettle boiled over .
3 across a space; to or on the other side fly over from Australia .
4 from one person, side or condition to another win them over turn the card over .
5 through, from beginning to end, usually with concentration read the letter over think it over thoroughly .
6 again; in repetition do it twice over .
7 at an end The game is over .
8 so as to cover completely paper the cracks over .
9 beyond a limit; in excess (of) go over budget spend over £10 .
10 remaining left over .
11 until a later time hold payment over until February .
1 in or to a position which is above or higher in place, importance, authority, value or number, etc.
2 above and from one side to another fly over the sea .
3 so as to cover flopped over his eyes .
4 out and down from fall over the edge .
5 throughout the extent of something look over the document again .
6 during a specified time or period sometime over the weekend .
7 until after a specified time stay over Monday night .
8 more than over a year ago .
9 concerning; about argue over who would pay .
10 while occupied with something chat about it over coffee .
11 occupying time with something spend a day over the preparations .
12 recovered from the effects of something be over the accident .
13 by means of something hear about it over the radio .
14 divided by Six over three is two .
1 upper; higher.
2 outer.
3 excessive. See also over-.
interjection used during two-way radio conversations: showing that one has finished speaking and expects a reply.
noun , cricket
1 a series of six balls bowled by the same bowler from the same end of the pitch.
2 play during such a series of balls.
[Anglo-Saxon ofer ]
be all over someone colloq to make a great fuss of them, often ingratiatingly.
over again once more.
over against something opposite it; in contrast with it.
over and above something in addition to it.
over and over again repeatedly.
over the top (abbreviation OTT) colloq excessive; exaggerated.

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