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organ pronunciación
1 a part of a body or plant which has a special function, eg a kidney, a leaf.
2 a usually large musical instrument with a keyboard and pedals, in which sound is produced by air being forced through pipes of different lengths.
3 any similar instrument without pipes, such as one producing sound electronically or with reeds.
4 a means of spreading information, especially a newspaper or journal of a particular group or organization, etc.
5 any instrument or means by which a purpose is achieved or a function carried out.
6 euphem or humorous the penis.
[13c: from Latin organum instrument, from Greek organon tool]
organist noun a person who plays the organ.

organ screen
noun a decorated stone or wooden screen in a church, etc on which an organ is placed.

noun a musician who plays a barrel organ in the streets for money.

organdie pronunciación or organdy
noun a very fine thin cotton fabric which has been stiffened.
[19c: from French organdi ]

noun , biol in the cell of a living organism: any of various different types of membrane-bound structure, each of which has a specialized function.
[Early 20c: from Latin organella , from organum ; see organ]

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