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opposite pronunciación (abbreviation opp.)
1 placed or being on the other side of, or at the other end of, a real or imaginary line or space.
2 facing in a directly different direction opposite sides of the coin .
3 completely or diametrically different.
4 referring to something that is the other of a matching or contrasting pair the opposite sex .
5 bot
a said of leaves: arranged in pairs on either side of a stem;
b said of flower parts: on the same radius.
6 maths said of a side of a triangle: facing a specified angle.
noun an opposite person or thing.
adverb in or into an opposite position live opposite .
1 (also opposite to someone or something) in a position across from and facing them or it a house opposite the station .
2 said of an actor: in a role which complements that taken by another actor; co-starring with them played opposite Olivier .
[14c: French, from Latin opponere , oppositum ; see opponent]
oppositely adverb .
oppositeness noun .

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