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obscurantism pronunciación
noun opposition to inquiry or the spreading or use of new knowledge, up-to-date scientific research or reform, etc.
obscurantist noun (also obscurant ) someone who tries to prevent enlightenment or reform.
adjective (also obscurant) relating to or characteristic of obscurantism.

1 dark; dim.
2 not clear; hidden; difficult to see.
3 not well known.
4 difficult to understand.
verb (obscured , obscuring )
1 to make something dark or dim.
2 to overshadow something.
3 to make something difficult to see or understand.
[14c: from French obscur , from Latin obscurus dark]
obscurely adverb .
obscurity noun (obscurities )
1 the state of being obscure.
2 someone or something that is obscure.

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