Lengua inglesa
objective pronunciación
a not depending on, or influenced by, personal opinions or prejudices;
b relating to external facts, etc as opposed to internal thoughts or feelings.
2 philos
a having existence outside the mind;
b based on fact or reality. Compare subjective.
3 grammar said of a case or word:
a indicating the object;
b in the relation of object to a verb or preposition.
4 med said of symptoms: perceptible to a person other than the individual affected.
5 optics said of lenses: nearest the object.
1 a thing aimed at or wished for; a goal.
2 something independent of or external to the mind.
3 grammar
a the objective case;
b a word or form in that case.
4 an object glass.
objectival adjective relating to or of the nature of an objective.
objectively adverb .
objectivity or objectiveness noun the fact or quality of being objective, especially of considering things without being dependent on, or influenced by, personal opinions or prejudices.

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