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notice pronunciación
1 an announcement displayed or delivered publicly.
2 one's attention It escaped my notice .
3 a warning or notification given, eg before leaving, or dismissing someone from, a job give in one's notice will continue until further notice .
4 a review of a performance or book, etc.
verb (noticed , noticing )
1 to observe; to become aware of something.
2 to remark on something.
3 to show signs of recognition of someone, etc.
4 to treat someone with polite attention.
[15c: French, from Latin notitia , from notus known]
at short notice with little warning or time for preparation, etc.
take notice to take interest in one's surroundings, etc.
take notice of someone or something to pay attention to them.

adjective easily seen; clearly apparent; worthy of notice.
noticeably adverb .

noun a board on which notices are displayed.

notification pronunciación
1 an announcement or warning.
2 the act or means of notifying.

notify pronunciación
verb (notifies , notified , notifying ) (esp notify someone of something) to tell or to inform them about it.
[14c: from Latin notus known + facere to make]
notifiable adjective said of infectious diseases: that must be reported to the public health authorities.

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