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neighbour pronunciación or (N Am) neighbor
1 someone who lives near or next door to one.
2 an adjacent territory or person, etc.
3 old use any of one's fellow humans Love your neighbour .
verb to adjoin or be situated near to something.
[Anglo-Saxon neahgebur , from neah near + gebur dweller]
neighbouring adjective
1 nearby.
2 adjoining.

neighbourhood pronunciación or (N Am) neighborhood
1 a district or locality.
2 the inhabitants of a district; the local community.
3 the area near something or someone.
4 maths all the points that surround a given point or curve in a specified degree of closeness.
in the neighbourhood of roughly It cost in the neighbourhood of £500 .

neighbourhood watch
noun a crime-prevention scheme under which local householders agree to keep a general watch on each other's property and the local streets.
[1970s: originally US and introduced as a scheme in Britain in the 1980s]

neighbourly or (N Am) neighborly
adjective friendly, especially to the people around one.
neighbourliness noun .

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