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mug pronunciación 1
1 a drinking-vessel with a handle, used without a saucer.
2 a mugful.
3 colloq a face or mouth.
4 colloq someone who is easily fooled; a dupe.
verb (mugged , mugging )
1 to attack and rob someone violently or under threat of violence.
2 intr said especially of an actor: to grimace, pull faces.
mugger noun .
mugging noun
1 assault and robbery.
2 an act or incident of beating up.
a mug's game a worthless or foolish activity.

mug pronunciación 2
verb (mugged , mugging ) tr & intr (esp mug something up or mug up on something) colloq to study or revise (a subject, etc) thoroughly, especially for an examination.

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