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moss pronunciación
noun (mosses )
1 the common name for a type of small spore-bearing plant without a vascular system, typically found growing in dense spreading clusters in moist shady habitats.
2 any of various unrelated plants which superficially resemble true moss.
3 dialect, esp Scot & N Eng an area of boggy ground.
[Anglo-Saxon mos in the sense -bog-]
mosslike adjective .

moss agate
noun a variegated chalcedony containing darker mosslike, or branching, marks of manganese oxide, etc.

moss green
noun muted yellowy-green.
as adjective (moss-green) a moss-green sweater .

moss stitch
noun , knitting alternating plain and purl stitches along each row and in succeeding rows, giving a mosslike effect.

noun the Israeli state intelligence service, formed in 1951.
[1950s: short for Mossad le Alujeh Beth , Committee for Illegal Immigration, the original Hebrew name of the organization founded in 1937 to oversee illegal Jewish immigration into Palestine]

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