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May pronunciación
noun the fifth month of the year, which has 31 days.
[13c: from French Mai , from Latin Maius the month of Maia , who in Roman mythology is the mother of Mercury]

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may pronunciación 1
auxiliary verb (past tense might )
1 used to express permission You may go now .
2 (sometimes may well) used to express a possibility I may come with you if I get this finished .
3 used to express an offer May I help you?
4 formal used to express a wish May you prosper!
5 formal & old use used to express purpose or result Listen, so that you may learn .
6 affected, old use or facetious used to express a question And who may you be?
7 used to express concession You may be rich, but you're not happy . See also might1.
[Anglo-Saxon mæg , present tense of magan to be able]
be that as it may in spite of that.
come what may whatever happens.
that's as may be that may be so.

may See Usage Note at can1.

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may pronunciación 2
noun (mays )
1 the blossom of the hawthorn tree. Also called mayflower.
2 any variety of hawthorn tree. Also called may tree.
[16c: from May, the month in which it usually blooms]

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