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noun (mastectomies ) surgery the surgical removal of a woman's breast.
[1920s: from Greek mastos ]

master pronunciación
1 someone especially a man, who commands or controls.
2 the owner, especially a male owner, of a dog, slave, etc.
3 someone with outstanding skill in a particular activity, eg art. See also old master.
4 a fully qualified craftsman or tradesman, allowed to train and direct others.
5 rather dated a male teacher.
6 the commanding officer on a merchant ship.
7 (Master)
a a degree of the level above bachelor (sense 2). Usually called Masters has a Masters in geophysics ;
b someone who holds this degree Master of Arts Master of Science .
8 (Master) a title for a boy too young to be called Mr.
9 an original document, film, recording, etc from which copies are made. Also called master copy.
10 (Master) a title for the heads of certain university colleges.
11 in England and Wales: an official of the Supreme Court.
1 fully qualified; highly skilled; expert.
2 main; principal master bedroom .
3 controlling master switch .
verb (mastered , mastering )
1 to overcome or defeat (eg feelings or an opponent).
2 to become skilled in something.
3 to make a master copy of something.
[Anglo-Saxon mægester : from Latin magister , from magnus great]
masterless adjective .

master aircrew
noun in the RAF: a rank equivalent to warrant officer.

master copy see under master (noun 9)

master key
noun a key which opens a number of locks, each of which has its own different individual key.

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