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lower pronunciación 1
1 not as high in position, status, height, value, etc lower middle class .
2 said of an animal or plant: less highly developed than other species.
3 said of part of a river or the area of land around it: relatively far from the source lower Deeside .
4 in place names:
a relatively far south;
b geographically not so high.
adverb in or to a lower position.
verb (lowered , lowering )
1 to lessen or become less in amount, value, status, sound, etc.
2 a to pull down We'd better lower the window ;
b to cause or allow something to come down lowered the lifeboat .
3 to reduce or cause something to be reduced The rejection lowered his confidence .
lower oneself to act in a way that offends one's dignity or humiliates one.

lower pronunciación 2 see lour

lower class
noun the social group that traditionally includes manual workers and their families.
adjective (lower-class) referring or relating to this social group.

lower house or lower chamber
noun in a bicameral parliament: usually the larger section, more representative of the population as a whole, such as the House of Commons in the United Kingdom.

lower-case printing (abbreviation lc)
adjective referring or relating to small letters as opposed to capitals or upper-case letters.
noun (lower case) a letter or letters of this kind A novel written entirely in lower case .
[17c: so called because of the way the tray or case1 containing a compositor's type was divided up, the capital or upper-case letters being held in the top half and the uncapitalized small ones in the bottom half]

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