Lengua inglesa
lend pronunciación
verb (lent , lending )
1 to allow someone to use something on the understanding that it (or its equivalent) will be returned.
2 to give someone the use of an amount of money on the understanding that the same amount will be returned and interest paid on it.
3 to give or add (interest, beauty, etc) to something or someone The lighting lends a calming atmosphere .
[Anglo-Saxon lænan ]
lend a hand see under hand.
lend an ear see under ear.
lend itself to something to be suitable for (a purpose) The hall lends itself to staging live bands .
lend oneself to something to adapt oneself or set oneself up to be treated in a specified way He lends himself to ridicule .

lend, loan Lend is always a verb; loan can be used as a noun or a verb, although some people prefer lend to loan as the verb form in general senses.

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