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kit pronunciación 1
1 a set of instruments, equipment, etc needed for a purpose, especially one kept in a container.
2 a set of special clothing and personal equipment, eg for a soldier, footballer, etc.
3 a set of parts ready for assembling building a car from a kit .
as adjective kit car .
verb (kitted , kitting ) (also kit someone out) to provide someone with the clothes and equipment necessary for a particular occupation, assignment, etc.
[18c; 14c in obsolete sense -a circular wooden vessel-: from Dutch kitte tankard]
get one's kit off colloq to take off all of one's clothes; strip.

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kit pronunciación 2
1 a kitten.
2 the young of various smaller fur-bearing animals, eg the polecat, ferret and fox.
[16c: shortened form of kitten]

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