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jump pronunciación
verb (jumped , jumping )
1 intr to spring off the ground, pushing off with the feet.
2 intr to leap or bound.
3 to get over or across something by jumping.
4 to make something (especially a horse) leap.
5 intr said of prices, levels, etc: to rise abruptly.
6 intr to make a startled movement.
7 intr to twitch, jerk or bounce.
8 intr to pass directly from one point to another, omitting intermediate matter or essential steps.
9 to omit; to skip jump the next chapter .
10 colloq to pounce on someone or something.
11 N Am colloq to board and travel on (especially a train) without paying.
12 intr to make a descent by parachute from an aircraft.
13 to fall off or out of (rails, a groove, etc) The train jumped the rails .
14 colloq said of a car: to pass through (a red traffic light).
15 intr , colloq to be lively The disco was jumping .
16 coarse slang said of a male: to have sexual intercourse with someone.
1 an act of jumping.
2 an obstacle to be jumped, especially a fence to be jumped by a horse.
3 the height or distance jumped a jump of two metres .
4 a jumping contest the high jump the long jump .
5 a sudden rise in amount, cost or value a jump in prices .
6 an abrupt change or move.
7 a startled movement; a start gave a jump of surprise .
8 a parachute descent.
9 (the jumps) slang convulsive movements; chorea; delirium tremens.
[16c: probably imitating the action of jumping]
be or stay one jump ahead of someone colloq to anticipate the moves of rivals, and so maintain an advantage over them.
have the jump on someone colloq to have an advantage over them.
jump bail to abscond, forfeiting bail.
jump down someone's throat colloq to snap at them impatiently.
jump ship colloq said of a sailor: to leave one's ship while still officially employed or in service, etc.
jump the gun to get off one's mark too soon; to act prematurely; to take an unfair advantage.
jump the queue to get ahead of one's turn.
jump to conclusions see under leap.
jump to it to hurry up.
jump at something to take or accept it eagerly.
jump on someone to attack them physically or verbally.

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