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jack pronunciación
1 a device for raising a heavy weight, such as a car, off the ground.
2 a winch.
3 elec , telecomm , etc a socket with two or more terminals into which a jack plug can be inserted in order to make or break a circuit or circuits.
4 the male of certain animals, especially the ass or donkey. See also jackass, jackdaw, jack rabbit.
5 naut a small flag indicating nationality, flown at the bow of a ship.
6 cards the court card of least value, bearing a picture of a page (see page2 noun 1). Also called knave.
7 bowls the small white ball that the players aim at.
8 one of the playing-pieces used in the game of jacks.
9 in compounds man steeplejack lumberjack .
10 US coarse slang anything at all They don't know jack about this .
verb (jacked , jacking ) (often jack something up) to raise it with a jack.
[16c; 14c in the form Iacke for the man's name Jack ]
every man jack everybody.
jack something in slang to give it up, or abandon it.
jack off coarse slang to masturbate.
jack up drug-taking slang to inject oneself; to take a fix.
jack something up
1 to increase (prices, etc).
2 Aust slang to refuse it; to resist it.

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