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island pronunciación
1 a piece of land, smaller than a continent, which is completely surrounded by water.
2 anything which is like an island, especially in being isolated or detached.
3 (in full traffic island) a small raised area in the middle of a street which separates lanes of traffic and on which people may stand when crossing the road.
4 anat a group of cells or a region of tissue detached and clearly differing from surrounding cells or tissues.
[Anglo-Saxon iegland , with spelling influenced by isle ]

island arc
noun , geol a curved chain of oceanic islands, eg the islands of Japan, that usually contain active volcanoes.

verb , intr to travel around a group of islands on holiday, usually only staying for a short time on each.
island-hopper noun .
island-hopping noun , adjective .

noun someone who lives on an island.

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