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interrupt pronunciación
verb (interrupted , interrupting )
1 tr & intr to break into (a conversation or monologue) by asking a question or making a comment.
2 to make a break in the continuous activity of (an event), or to disturb someone from some action We interrupt this broadcast to bring you an important message I'm not interrupting, am I?
3 to destroy (a view, eg of a clear sweep of land) by getting in the way.
[15c: from Latin interrumpere , interruptum to break apart]
interrupter or interruptor noun
1 someone who interrupts.
2 electronics an electrical, electronic or mechanical device for opening and closing an electric circuit at set intervals in order to interrupt the flow of electric current and so produce pulses.
interruptive adjective .
interruptively adverb .

interruption pronunciación
1 the act or process of interrupting or state of being interrupted.
2 something that interrupts, such as a question or remark.
3 a short pause or break.

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