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verb (indulged , indulging )
1 tr & intr (esp indulge in something or indulge someone in something) to allow oneself or someone else pleasure or the pleasure of (a specified thing) I'm going to indulge in some new gloves .
2 to allow someone to have anything they want; to pamper or spoil them My mother indulges the children dreadfully .
3 to give into (a desire, taste, wish, etc) without restraint.
4 intr , colloq to eat or drink, usually freely or without restraint I don't indulge when I'm driving .
[17c: from Latin indulgere to be kind or indulgent]

1 the state of being indulgent; generosity; favourable or tolerant treatment.
2 an act or the process of indulging a person, desire, etc.
3 a pleasure that is indulged in.
4 RC Church a special grant of remission from the punishment which remains due for a sin after it has been absolved.
[14c: French]

adjective quick or too quick to overlook or forgive faults or gratify the wishes of others; too tolerant or generous.
[16c: from Latin indulgere ; see indulge]
indulgently adverb .

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