Lengua inglesa
independent pronunciación
adjective (sometimes independent of something or someone)
a not under the control or authority of others;
b said especially of a country or state: completely self-governing.
2 not relying on others for financial support, care, help or guidance.
3 thinking and acting for oneself and not under an obligation to others.
4 maths , etc not dependent on something else for value, purpose or function.
5 said of two or more people or things: not related to or affected by the others.
6 said of private income or resources: large enough to make having to work for a living unnecessary a man of independent means .
7 not belonging to a political party.
8 said of a school or broadcasting company: not paid for with public money; not belonging to the state system.
1 a politician, etc who is not a member of any party.
2 an independent person or thing. See also indie.
independently adverb .

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