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image pronunciación
1 a likeness of a person or thing, especially in the form of a portrait or statue.
2 someone or something that resembles another person or thing closely He's the image of his father . See also spitting image.
3 (also mental image) an idea or picture in the mind.
4 the visual display reproduced by a television receiver.
5 (also public image) the impression that people in general have of someone's character, behaviour, etc.
6 in literature, etc: a simile or metaphor.
7 optics an optical reproduction of a physical object formed by light reflected in a mirror or refracted through a lens.
8 physics any reproduction of a physical object formed by sound waves or electromagnetic radiation originating from or reflected by the object, eg an ultrasound scan or an X- ray photograph.
9 psychol a mental picture or representation resulting from thought or memory rather than from sensory perception. See also imago.
10 a typical example or embodiment of something.
verb (imaged , imaging )
1 to form a likeness or image of something or someone.
2 med to produce a pictorial representation of (a body part) for diagnostic purposes, using eg X-ray, ultrasound or CT scanning, etc.
3 to form a mental image of something or someone; to imagine.
4 to mirror, or form an optical image of, something.
5 to portray.
6 to be a typical example of something.
[13c: from Latin imago a likeness]
imaging noun .

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