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adjective (worse , worst ; colloq iller , illest )
1 not in good health; sick or unwell.
2 said of health: not good.
3 bad or harmful ill effects ill-treatment .
4 hostile; unfriendly ill will ill feeling .
5 causing or heralding bad luck an ill omen .
6 said of manners: incorrect; improper.
adverb (worse , worst ) (rather formal or archaic in senses 2?5)
1 badly; wrongly ill-matched ill-fitting .
2 not rightly They ill deserved such cruel punishment .
3 hardly; scarcely be ill able to afford the money .
4 unfavourably It went ill with them think ill of him .
5 not easily; with difficulty can ill spare the time .
1 evil; harm; trouble one of the ills of modern society .
2 an injury, ailment or misfortune.
[15c in sense 1; 12c in the sense -wicked- or -immoral-: from Norse illr ]
go ill with someone chiefly old use to end in danger or misfortune for them.
ill at ease uneasy; uncomfortable; embarrassed.
ill become someone rather formal or old use to do them no credit; not to be to their advantage.
speak ill of someone or something see under speak.
take something ill chiefly old use to be offended by it.
with an ill grace ungraciously.

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