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hole pronunciación
1 a hollow area or cavity in something solid.
2 an aperture or gap in or through something a hole in the wall .
3 an animal's refuge or excavation.
4 colloq an unpleasant or contemptible place.
5 colloq an awkward or difficult situation.
6 colloq a fault or error a hole in the argument .
7 golf
a a cylindrical hollow in the middle of each green, into which the ball is hit;
b each section of a golf course extending from the tee to the green.
8 electronics an energy deficit caused by the removal of an electron, which leaves a positive charge.
verb (holed , holing )
1 to make a hole in something.
2 to hit or play (a ball, etc) into a hole.
[Anglo-Saxon hol ]
holey see separate entry.
in holes full of holes.
make a hole in something colloq to use up a large amount of it, eg money.
pick holes in something to find fault with it.
hole out golf to play the ball into the hole.
hole up colloq to go to earth; to hide.

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