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gather pronunciación
verb (gathered , gathering )
1 tr & intr (also gather together) to bring or come together in one place.
2 (also gather something in) to collect, pick or harvest it.
3 to pick something up.
4 to increase in (speed or force).
5 to accumulate or become covered with (eg dust).
6 to learn or understand something from information received.
7 to pull (material) into small folds, usually by sewing it with one or more threads and then pulling the cloth over these.
8 to pull (a garment) closely round the body.
9 to pull someone or something close to oneself She gathered the child into her arms .
10 to wrinkle (the brow).
11 to draw together or muster (strength, courage, etc) in preparation for something.
12 intr said of a boil, etc: to form a head.
noun a small fold in material, often stitched.
[Anglo-Saxon gaderian ]

1 a meeting or assembly.
2 a series of gathers in material.

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