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gad pronunciación 1
verb (gadded , gadding ) intr , colloq (usu gad about or around) to go from place to place busily, especially in the hope of finding amusement or pleasure.
[15c: back-formation from Anglo-Saxon gædeling companion]

gad pronunciación 2 or Gad
interjection , old use (also by Gad) expressing surprise or affirmation.
[17c: a form of God ]

noun , colloq, derog, often humorous a person who wanders around looking for amusement.

adjective applied to those who panic and rush headlong towards disaster.
[19c: from the swine of Gadara in Matthew 8.28]

gadfly pronunciación
noun (gadflies )
1 any of various large flies that suck the blood of livestock, inflicting painful bites.
2 derog, old use a person who deliberately and persistently annoys others.
[16c: from Anglo-Saxon gad goad]

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