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noun , bot a large compound leaf, especially of a fern or palm.
[18c: from Latin frons ]

front pronunciación
1 the side or part of anything that is furthest forward or nearest to the viewer; the most important side or part, eg the side of a building where the main door is.
2 any side of a large or historic building.
3 the part of a vehicle, etc that faces or is closest to, the direction in which it moves.
4 theat the auditorium of a theatre, etc. See also front of house.
5 the cover or first pages of a book.
6 a road or promenade in a town that runs beside the sea, or large lake, etc; sea front.
7 in war: the area where the soldiers are nearest to the enemy eastern front . See also front line.
8 a matter of concern or interest no progress on the job front .
9 the part of one's body that faces forward, or the clothing that covers this I spilled coffee down my front .
10 meteorol the boundary between two air masses that have different temperatures.
11 an outward appearance.
12 (usu Front) a name given to some political movements, particularly when a number of organizations come together as a unified force against opponents.
13 slang an organization or job used to hide illegal or secret activity The corner shop was just a front for drug dealing .
14 archaic the forehead; the face.
verb (fronted , fronting )
1 tr & intr said of a building: to have its front facing or beside something specified The house fronts onto the main road .
2 to be the leader or representative of (a group, etc).
3 to be the presenter of (a radio or television programme).
4 to cover the front of (a building, etc) The house was fronted with grey stone .
5 intr (usu front for something) to provide a cover or excuse for it (eg an illegal activity, etc).
1 relating to, or situated at or in the front.
2 phonetics said of a vowel: articulated with the front of the tongue in a forward position.
[13c: French, from Latin frons , frontis forehead]
frontless adjective .
in front
1 on the forward-facing side.
2 ahead.
in front of someone or something
1 at or to a position in advance of them.
2 to a place towards which a vehicle, etc is moving ran in front of a car .
3 ahead of them pushed in front of her .
4 facing or confronting them stood up in front of an audience .
5 in their presence dare not say so in front of my mother .
out front colloq in the audience, from the performer's standpoint.
up front colloq said of money: paid before work is done or goods received, etc They'll expect the money up front .

front bench
1 the bench on either side of the House of Commons closest to the centre of the House, occupied on one side by Government ministers and on the other by leading members of the Opposition. Compare backbench, cross bench.
2 the leadership of the government or opposition in various legislative assemblies, eg in Australia.
as adjective (front-bench) front-bench spokesman .
frontbencher noun someone who sits on one of the front benches, ie a minister or leading member of the Opposition.

front end
1 the part of a vehicle that is furthest forward front end of a car .
2 comput any of the terminals of a computing network where information is input or processed the front end of the information network .
adjective (front-end)
1 belonging or relating to the front end of something front-end processor .
2 finance
a referring to an initial charge to cover costs and commission, which is made to someone taking on a long-term savings or investment plan;
b referring to any similar deductions during the early stages of a financial transaction or accounting period front-end load front-end fee .

front line
1 in a war: the area of a front ( noun 7) where soldiers are physically closest to the enemy.
2 the area in any concern where the important pioneering work is going on.
adjective (front-line)
1 belonging or relating to the front line front-line soldiers .
2 relating to a state bordering on another state in which there is an armed conflict.

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