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focus pronunciación
noun (focuses or foci )
1 the point at which rays of light or sound waves converge or appear to diverge.
2 optics focal point (sense 1).
3 a the condition in which an image is sharp The picture is in focus ;
b the state of an instrument producing this image The telescope is in focus These binoculars are out of focus .
4 geol in seismology: the location of the centre of an earthquake, where the subterranean fracture takes place and from which the elastic waves radiate outwards. See also epicentre.
5 a centre of interest or attention.
6 special attention paid to something a shift of focus .
7 pathol the main site of an infection.
8 geom a point associated with a conic section where the distance between it and any point on the curve is a fixed ratio (the eccentricity, sense 4) to the distance between that point and a line (the directrix).
verb (focuses , focused , focusing ; focusses , focussed , focussing )
1 tr & intr to bring or be brought into focus; to meet or make something meet or converge at a focus.
2 to adjust the thickness of the lens of (the eye) or to move the lens of (an optical instrument) so as to obtain the sharpest possible image of a particular object.
3 to cause (electron beams) to converge or diverge by varying the voltage or current that controls the magnetic or electric fields through which they pass.
4 (often focus something on something) tr & intr to concentrate (one's attention, etc) on it focused her energies on the problem focused on the problem .
[17c: Latin, meaning -hearth or fireplace-; probably referring to the -burning point of a lens or mirror-]

focus group
noun a small group of people brought together to discuss some topic in a relaxed conversational way so that others may get their insights or opinions about the topic concerned.

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