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fly pronunciación 1
noun (flies )
1 a two-winged insect, especially the common housefly.
2 in compounds any of various other flying insects mayfly dragonfly butterfly .
3 angling a fish hook tied with colourful feathers to look like a fly, used in fly-fishing.
[Anglo-Saxon fleoge ]
a fly in the ointment a drawback or disadvantage to an otherwise satisfactory state of affairs.
a fly on the wall the invisible observer, eg at a meeting or in a social situation, that one would like to be to find out what is happening without being detected.
drop like flies colloq to fall ill or die in large numbers.
no flies on someone colloq referring to someone who is alert and not easily fooled There are no flies on her .
they, etc wouldn't harm a fly they, etc have a gentle nature.

fly pronunciación 2
verb (3rd person present tense flies , past tense flew , past participle flown , present participle flying )
1 intr
a said of birds, bats, insects and certain other animals: to move through the air using wings or structures resembling wings;
b said of an aircraft or spacecraft: to travel through the air or through space.
2 tr & intr to travel or convey in an aircraft They flew to Moscow The company flew them to Moscow .
3 to operate and control (an aircraft, kite, etc); to cause it to fly The pilot flew the plane competently .
4 to cross (an area of land or water) in an aircraft They flew the Atlantic to New York .
5 a to display (a flag) fly the flag on St George's Day ;
b intr said of a flag: to blow or flutter in the wind.
6 intr to move or pass rapidly fly into a temper rumours flying around .
7 intr (usu fly at someone) to attack them physically or verbally.
8 intr , colloq to depart quickly; to dash off I must fly .
9 tr & intr to escape; to flee (a country, a war zone, etc).
noun (flies )
1 (chiefly flies) a zip or set of buttons fastening a trouser front, or the flap covering this.
2 a flap covering the entrance to a tent.
3 (flies) the space above a stage, concealed from the audience's view, from which scenery is lowered.
4 short for flywheel.
[Anglo-Saxon fleogan ]
do something on the fly to work something out immediately without any preparation.
fly a kite to release information about an idea, proposal, etc to find out what people's opinion might be about it.
fly by the seat of one's pants to do a job instinctively or by feel when one doesn't know the usual procedure.
fly high
1 to be ambitious.
2 to prosper or flourish.
fly in the face of something to oppose it; to be at variance with it.
fly off the handle to lose one's temper.
send someone or something flying to knock them or it over with considerable force.

fly pronunciación 3
adjective (flyer , flyest ) colloq cunning; smart.

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