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flower pronunciación
1 in a flowering plant: the structure that bears the reproductive organs, which consists of a leafy shoot in which the leaves are modified to form sepals, petals, etc.
2 a plant that bears flowers, especially if cultivated for them.
3 the best part; the cream.
4 the most distinguished person or thing.
5 a term of endearment.
6 pharmacol (usu flowers) a sublimate flowers of sulphur .
verb (flowered , flowering )
1 intr to produce flowers; to bloom.
2 intr to reach a peak; to develop to full maturity.
3 to adorn or decorate with flowers or a floral design.
[13c: from French flour , from Latin flos , floris flower]
floweriness noun .
flowering noun , adjective .
flowerless adjective .
in flower blooming or blossoming; with flowers fully out.

flower bed
noun a garden bed for flowering plants.

flower girl
1 a young girl who forms part of the bride's retinue at a wedding ceremony.
2 old a woman or girl who sells flowers in the street.

flower head
noun a close inflorescence in which all the florets grow together at the tip of the stem, rather than on separated stalks.

flower people
noun members of the flower power movement.

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