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flood pronunciación
1 an overflow of water from rivers, lakes or the sea onto dry land.
2 any overwhelming flow or quantity of something.
3 the rising of the tide.
4 colloq a floodlight.
verb (flooded , flooding )
1 to overflow or submerge (land) with water.
2 to fill something too full or to overflowing.
3 (usu flood someone out) to force them to leave a building, etc because of floods.
4 intr to become flooded, especially frequently.
5 intr to move in a great mass Crowds were flooding through the gates .
6 intr to flow or surge.
7 intr to bleed profusely from the uterus, eg sometimes after childbirth.
8 to supply (a market) with too much of a certain kind of commodity.
9 to supply (an engine) with too much petrol so that it cannot start.
[Anglo-Saxon flod ]
in flood overflowing.

flood plain
noun , geol an extensive level area beside a river which becomes covered with water when the river floods.

floodgate pronunciación
noun a gate for controlling the flow of a large amount of water.
open the floodgates to remove all restraints or controls.

noun (also floodlamp) a powerful light used to illuminate extensive areas, especially sports grounds or the outside of buildings.
verb (floodlit , floodlighting ) to illuminate with floodlights.
floodlighting noun .

noun the rising tide. Opposite of ebbtide.

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