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flash pronunciación
1 a sudden brief blaze of light.
2 an instant; a very short length of time.
3 a brief but intense occurrence a flash of inspiration .
4 a fleeting look on a face or in the eyes a flash of joy .
5 photog
a a bulb or electronic device attached to a camera which produces a momentary bright light as a picture is taken camera with built-in flash ;
b the bright light produced by it The flash made her blink .
6 an emblem on a military uniform, etc indicating one's unit.
7 a sudden rush of water down a river.
8 a sudden and temporary increase in brightness and temperature of an evolving star.
verb (flashes , flashed , flashing )
1 tr & intr to shine briefly or intermittently.
2 tr & intr to appear or cause to appear briefly; to move or pass quickly The car flashed past the window .
3 intr said of the eyes: to brighten with anger, etc.
4 to give (a smile or look) briefly He flashed a smile .
5 to display briefly; to flourish, brandish, or flaunt.
6 tr & intr to send (a message) by radio, satellite, etc The news flashed around the network .
7 tr & intr to operate (a light) as a signal.
8 intr , colloq (usu flash at someone) said of a man: to expose his genitals in a public place as an exhibitionist, often directed at an individual, usually a woman.
1 sudden and severe flash floods .
2 quick flash freezing .
3 colloq smart and expensive a flash restaurant .
a flash in the pan colloq a brief initial success that is not repeated.

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