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find pronunciación
verb (found , finding )
1 to discover through search, enquiry, mental effort or chance.
2 to seek out and provide something I'll find you a plumber .
3 to realize or discover something.
4 to experience something as being (easy, difficult, etc) find it hard to express oneself .
5 to consider; to think.
6 to experience find pleasure in reading .
7 to become aware of something or someone found her beside him .
8 to succeed in getting (time, courage, money, etc for something).
9 to see or come across a bird found only in Madagascar .
10 to reach find one's best form .
11 tr & intr , law said of a jury or court, etc: to decide on and deliver a specified verdict about (an accused person) found the accused innocent found that the accused was guilty found a verdict of guilty .
noun something or someone that is found; an important discovery.
[Anglo-Saxon findan ]
all found see under all.
find it in oneself or in one's heart to be able or prepared (to do something hurtful, etc).
find oneself to find the role, etc that satisfies one.
find oneself doing something to discover or realize that one is doing it found themselves agreeing .
find one's feet to establish oneself confidently in a new situation.
find out (about) something to discover or get information about it.
find someone out to detect them in wrongdoing; to discover the truth about them.

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